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2. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES a. Minutes of the November 21, 2016, Meeting Enclosure 2a 3. OPEN FORUM 4. DISCUSSION ITEMS a. Charter Schools – Proposals for Expanding - Existing Charters: Recommendations on Amendments to Expand o Segue Institute for Learning Enclosure 4a1 35, and Block 2763, Lots 29 and p/o Lots 2 and 2), in an M1-2/R7-2* District, within a Special Mixed Use District (MX-17)*, Borough of the Bronx, Community District 2 . *Note: The site is proposed to be rezoned by changing an existing R6 District to an M1-2/r7-2 District and by establishing a Special Mixed THE CITY RECORD BILL DE BLASIO Mayor 2. Funding of $9,167 is available in the General Fund Designated Fund Balance for Tri-Party 2012 and prior funding (account #383510) for project 51361. 3. This is a joint project with the City of Pontiac modernization of the Opdyke Road traffic for the signal at Auburn Road. 4. The FY 2012 budget be amended as follows:

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Page 2 of 4. Staff: L P 109 West Broadway - Tribeca South Historic District LPC-19-16801 - Block 146 - Lot 11 An Italianate style store and loft building built in 1860 and with the lower two floors altered prior to 1914. Application is to alter an enclosed sidewalk café and storefront,

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2 1. Meet Wayne State University Graduate School admission standards 2. Hold a master's degree from an accredited educational institution or be actively pursuing a master's or doctoral degree at Wayne State University 3. Have a combined undergraduate and graduate GPA of 2.75 or above on a 4.0 scale Admissions Policies: May 12, 2017 · event starts at 2.00pm. I think I’m even on the schedule to do some baking so there will be lots of practice runs on the weekend!! Hopefully with some success involved in producing the final product. Until I see you next take care. Debbie Week 4 Monday, 15th May 2.00 pm -3.00 pm Mother’s Day High Tea Week 8 12th—16th June (return on 17th)

The Gender Unicorn Female/Woman/Girl Male/Man/Boy Other Gender(s) Gender Identity Feminine Masculine Other Gender Expression Sex Assigned at Birth Female Male Other/Intersex k.dtk ~ î 2 _ y í ì kww z > 'zkhe zk ^ ^, >> /e^d >> /e / 'ke >>z kwwk^/d corners (catty corner) of the vault/pull box. a continuous piece of 4/0 soft-drawn bare copper wire shall encircle the vault and be irreversibly bonded to the ground rod. the rebar in the footing shall be grounded to the 4/0 vault ground with a 4/0

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The beam shown in the figure below (figure 1) is subjected to a moment of m 50 knm .

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